Consulting Packages

If you're looking for coaching, head over to Coaching!

If you're looking for recommendations, advice and plans, I'm happy to provide some!

I have 20+ years experience in consulting, process design and facilitation, strategic and business planning; communications, marketing and media; adult training; team management; and parenting (!) which gives me a wealth of methodologies, tools and ideas to draw from in designing a solution that meets your needs.

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The kind of consulting work that gets me fired up is:

  • group/team processes (visioning, team-building, strategic planning, etc.)

  • training program design and delivery

  • writing and other creative practices for self-discovery/exploration

  • just about any kind of workshop or retreat, especially if I get to join forces with someone with different expertise to co-plan and co-facilitate it (i.e., artist, yoga instructor, nutritionist, tuba player, chemical engineer, etc.)

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I may be of service!

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