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Kind words from wonderful people. Awww, shucks. 

“Jilly Hyndman has a gentle superpower and she's not afraid to use it! Jilly's innate talent is to provide an opportunity for women to become the best version of themselves by enclosing them in a safe, welcoming, and comforting place for sharing, healing, and planning the next leg of their journey. She is eloquent, open, and caring, and a brilliant coach and podcast host. It was wonderful to be interviewed by her!”

~ Rosemarie Barnes, Professional Speaker, Executive Presentation Trainer, founder of Confident Stages (confidentstages.com), and international best-selling author

“Thanks for a memorable afternoon with my (adult) twin daughters and friends. The last time we played with craft paper my daughters were in elementary school! We loved the experience, not only for the mediative crafting but for the intention setting for the year ahead. We are thrilled with our exploding boxes and the precious memories they hold. I look forward to doing this again!”

~ Denise Marchessault, Cook Book Author & Cooking School Instructor (denisem.ca)

“Jilly is a wonderful coach. She helped me see all that I was bringing to the table. She helped me build strategies for taking steps towards getting more of what I wanted. Overall, I would recommend Jilly to anyone looking to make a change and who needs new perspective. She will help you get clear and then get going on taking practical actions.”

~ Carolon Donnally, Certified Executive Coach, ACC 

“What I understood about Jilly from the time we met was that I could count on her. She is someone who shows up in all contexts with great integrity, a sense of groundedness, and clear communication. Jilly knows who she is and creates a welcoming space for others to express what feels true for them. She has an outstanding capacity to navigate the tension that can arise in group settings with diverse perspectives, and is highly skilled in bringing the group to common ground, with both love and efficiency. Her ease and sense of humor helps with this too! It's clear that she is here in this world to fully experience what life offers her and integrate it into herself to then serve others in a powerful way. I feel blessed to have worked with her in both a coaching context and in creating a strong conceptual and functional foundation for OneFreePlanet.”

~ Sarah Andrews, Co-founder, OneFreePlanet (onefreeplanet.com)

"Jilly is a dedicated coach and immediately made me feel comfortable sharing personal thoughts that I might even hesitate sharing with friends. Her insightful nature along with an accurate intuition allowed me to feel like she was really on my coaching journey with me. Although I feel like I went into the coaching sessions feeling reasonably self-aware, through my time with Jilly, I became even more honest with myself regarding work-related goals and relationships."

~ Chantelle R., Educator, Regina, Canada

"I liked everything about the playshop. It was an excellent time to reflect in a fun way. Love your energy, Jilly!"

~ Gail L., Unfolding Your Life Vision Playshop participant

"I really appreciated the safe, warm and creative atmosphere. Jilly is a fantastic facilitator. I loved the session."

~ Anonymous, Unfolding Your Life Vision Playshop participant

Jill Fun 3.jpg

"As a small business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to reflect and think about the things that really matter. It can feel quite lonely without a manager or a mentor -- someone to talk to about ideas and how to make them happen, without the pressure that comes with paid work. I believe everyone can benefit from time to think out loud to someone whose only agenda is to help you achieve what you want and be at your best. 

I chose coaching to help me out of a rut. My business was successful and growing -- but I was unfulfilled personally. I was putting all my creative energy into commissioned work, and neglecting the artistic side of me -- the part of me that wanted to express my world view, not just the messages my clients wanted to push. It took a few sessions for us to uncover the big question I was struggling to resolve. This in itself was helpful -- labelling the dilemma: How could I both continue to enjoy the creative process of work, and maintain my business, while at the same time find the time and energy for self-expression?

Jilly has been a fantastic listener and helped me unlock the motivation to create for the sake of creation. She has let me talk at length as I have wrestled with conflicts and reflected on things...and with great clarity repeated back to me the key point (in my own words) and supported me in identifying the strategies and tactics to help me overcome the blocks that have been holding me back. 

Although not the best at completing my homework (I never was, even at school) the challenges she sets between sessions have really helped me to focus my energy on what I want -- which is, ultimately, to feel like I have done all I can to live a life without regret. And that's quite a big thing!" 

~ Ben V., Filmmaker/Writer/Entrepreneur, London, UK

"After our first session, I told Jilly I felt so light AND grounded, at peace with myself, and so excited for our next session together. Coaching is exactly what I needed to find my path in life.

~L.L., Artist, Regina, Canada

"Jilly has been a great asset in assisting me to articulate and define my goals and values as I continue to grow in life. The techniques she utilized to question and probe deeper into my thought process really challenged me to think about what I truly value and how I can live a life that subscribes to these values. Coaching with Jilly helped provide clarity in a cloudy time of my life."

~ Ryan S., Business Consultant, Regina, Canada 

“Coaching with Jilly helped with my transition to blend my family. The goal-oriented approach aided me in understanding and maintaining my true self while allowing me to blend my household with my girlfriend and her children.”

 ~ D. M., Manager/Professional Engineer, Regina, Canada

"Jilly created a safe space for me to talk about what might be at the root of some of my performance blockers. Because I trusted her, I think I was able to get at things in a deeper and more meaningful way. Jilly makes the environment safe for me to express myself and voice uncertainty, frustration or glee –- whatever is going on! She introduced exercises that helped me tap into inner resources I didn’t know I had. Her techniques had no boundaries so I was surprised at how we talked about my work performance goals in the context of my whole life." 

~ V.C., Government Senior Manager, Regina, Canada

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