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The Dying to Live Series

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Death is a natural part of life, yet many of us avoid talking about it, avoid thinking about it, and avoid considering our relationship with it until we are forced to face it. This workshop series aims to improve death literacy — our ability and comfort to think and talk about death and dying — by “bite-sizing” different aspects of death into 2-hour in-person workshops held in View Royal.

The series includes:

Visioning a Life of Few Regrets (September 14, 10 a.m.-noon) Through personal reflection and guided visualization, create a vivid picture of your most meaningful life and a simple action plan to bring it alive...before you die.

Talking to Kids about Death & Dying (September 26, 7-9 p.m.) Build comfort and confidence and gain practical tools and tips for engaging children in challenging conversations about the cycles of life.

Love Notes from Beyond (October 5, 10 a.m.-noon) In this supportive and reflective guided experience, craft enduring messages for those your love, to be delivered before or after your death.

Gifting Your Legacy (November 23, 10a.m.-noon) Through guided visualization and reflective writing prompts, mine your life experiences for the gems you wish to share with others.

Your Last Hurrah! (December 7, 10 a.m.-noon) Party planning for your death! In this playful take on a usually sombre and serious event, design the party-of-all -parties to celebrate your unique life.

Activating the Spiral

Activating the Spiral is a live, 8-week group course, co-led online by two of Spiral Leadership’s powerful faculty members, centred on the components of spiral leadership: attunement, resonant field, and daring to share. At the end of the course you will be profoundly connected to your personal vision and have the empowered confidence to begin to bring it into reality.

Next two groups begin in September, 2019. Full details and registration over here:


Awaken Your Courage

In this 4-week group coaching program, with additional 1:1 coaching with Jilly, you’ll awaken your courage and do the scary / hard / risky thing you’ve been avoiding.


Full details and registration over here:

Spark Your Courage 1-week Sprint

This 1-week sprint offered through the OneFreePlanet platform is an accessible way to spark your courage and take bold action in your life.

Find the next sprint dates and register over here:

Mortal Motivation 1-week Sprint


This 1-week sprint offered through the OneFreePlanet platform explores your perceptions about your mortality and how to use your physical time on this planet more fully.

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Unfolding Your Life Vision® Playshop (Licensed Facilitator) 

  •  Are you wondering what’s next in your life?

  • Do you have a clear vision of where you're headed?

  • Are you craving more creativity and fun?

In this playful, out-of-the box playshop, you’ll gain fresh perspectives about your life vision and you’ll learn how to make a simple and unique collaged accordion book. 

It’s arts & crafts with meaning and mission! Create your very own personal, portable work of art that will serve as a visual reminder of your values, goals, and vision.

This playshop can be delivered as a half-day (3-4 hours) or a full-day (6-7 hours) session for groups of 6 to 20. Contact me to book your private Unfolding Your Life Vision® playshop! 

Unfolding Your Life Vision® is a registered trademark of Jenn & Brian Creative, Inc. (DBA: Artizen Coaching). Learn more at

Exploding Box Year-in-Review Playshop (Licensed Facilitator) 

This playshop is a great way to close the year...with a bang! ***Makes a fantastically unique year-end staff party!***

In this fun, hands-on creative playshop, I'll walk you through proven tips and secrets for creating an incredible and inspiring keepsake. 

  • Learn how to make a unique visual recap of your year that will inspire you for many more years to come

  • Celebrate all that you've learned and accomplished this year

  • Move into your next year with confidence and ease

  • Start dreaming big about what's ahead!

This playshop can be delivered in a half-day (3-4 hours) or a full-day (6 hours) session for groups of 6 to 20. Contact me to book your private Exploding Box Year-in-Review playshop. 

Tune In, Tune Up Workshop

This workshop is a deep dive into YOU! Combining visualization, coaching and strategic planning, I help you "tune in" to identify what truly matters to you and what you truly want, and then we create a playbook to turn your dreams into action! This is a great workshop for solopreneurs to determine what's next in your business or career. 


I used to offer these sessions at my peaceful 80-acre farm outside Regina, Saskatchewan, but as I've recently relocated to Vancouver Island, we will find a suitable location nearby, or we can conduct this workshop online.  

This workshop can be delivered in a half-day (3-4 hours) or a full-day (5-6 hours) session for individuals, or groups up to 20 participants. 

Contact me to book a Tune In, Tune Up workshop!  

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