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I'm a credentialed and certified professional coach, consultant and co-conspirator for YOUR amazing life! I work collaboratively with my clients to help clarify who you want to be and what you want to do, then support you to create plans and take action to get there. And I cheer you on the whooooole way! Because you can do it! I just know it. 

I love working with world changers who tend to include:

  • Creative types (artists, musicians, chefs, educators, writers, dreamers...)

  • Entrepreneurs (again, those dreamers with big ideas)

  • Fresh, seasoned and soon-to-be parents (and grand-parents!)

  • Corporate and organizational leaders (at any level -- from no particular title to the big cheese) who want to lead from their values and with integrity

  • Folks of any age who are facing and embracing end of life

  • I have a soft spot for fellow introverts and closet introverts who happen to fit into any of the categories above

If you want to see my credentials and what makes me legit on paper, jump down to the bottom of this page.

If you want the juicy tidbits that make me legit at life, read on...

Heard this story before?

I was one of those people who grew up, got the degrees, got the job, got the house, got the boy, got the dog(s) and then somehow became a person who woke up every morning, put on slacks (egad!), went to an office and sat in front of a computer all day. 

It’s not that the work I did wasn’t interesting or important or valuable or contributed to the world in some way, and it’s not that I wasn’t challenged and rewarded (quite nicely, most of the time), but I knew something was amiss. Outta whack. 

My soul, my spark, my essence was being eaten away, or shrivelling up bit by bit until, after a few years, I forgot who I really was inside. And that meant I stopped shining on the outside. I had become beige and pretty darn boring. My 18-year-old combat-boot-and-patchwork-baby-doll-dress-wearing, shaved-headed, pierced-nosed, tattooed, “I’m gonna change the world” self was whimpering in the corner. And wearing slacks. SLACKS. In public. E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.

Well, that simply wouldn’t do. So what changed?

I started finding and following my heart more and more. I bought a farm and moved to the country. I spent more time outside, connected to the earth and the seasons. I got back into writing and creating and dreaming.

I still went to the box everyday and sat in front of the computer, but escaping to the country seemed to help. A bit.

I got married on said farm to an open-hearted, patient, communicative, amazing man while wearing a red dress and rubber boots. Me, not him. That might have been weird.

A few years later, I grew and birthed a child. Now, that’s a sure way to rock your entire world view. And – maybe more importantly – your self-view. At least for me. The first few months of my daughter’s life were honestly THE WORST TIME OF MY LIFE. That’s right, I said it. The. Worst.

And also kinda the best. (I have learned to love paradox.) 

I had post-partum depression and anxiety, and was suicidal. I wanted to run screaming from my life. Some days I did. I single-handedly kept the Kleenex company in business. The almost immediate shift from being totally in control of my life (well, mostly, or so I thought) for 35 years to being totally controlled by a squishy little helpless creature really messed with my noggin. Her arrival was the catalyst for me to really look at my life, my choices, who I was and who I wanted to be. I just didn't know it at the time. 

After several horrible, challenging and scary months, I decided to take back control of my life by asking for help and demanding time for myself. After all, I was someone's mama now. I needed to set an example - preferably a healthy one. I got some counseling, enrolled in some Brave Girls Club classes and used art and writing to bring myself back from the brink. 

Through that hard self-work, I started to get clear about the kind of life I want and the kind of person mama wife sister daughter aunt friend colleague leader dog-parent I want to be. 

Then I found coaching, and I knew it was time to let my inner Jilly shine again. Reeeaaally brightly.

I enrolled in the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Fundamentals course in January 2014 and was smitten. I completed 104 classroom hours in Calgary, Vancouver, San Rafael and Chicago throughout 2014, and then completed the rigorous certification coursework from January to July 2015. I passed my written and oral exams and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I'm also accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation. And, I recently completed Fundamentals in the ORSC (Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching) program.

And here I am today. Shiny again. Doing work I love and value. Spending time with the people I love and value most. Clear about what’s important in my life and what’s not, and taking steps everyday to bring more of that important stuff into my life. Like you!

More about why I coach:

I love coaching because of the foundation on which it is created. The whole point of coaching is to support, see and help propel people through their lives, toward whatever their unique definition of themselves and their goals are. It's completely personalized to you!

Coaches believe that all people are creative and whole, not broken; that nothing is “wrong” with you or needs to be fixed. You have all the answers in you; I just help you find them. And – I love this the most – there are no wrong answers in coaching. How freeing is that? It's all about setting your intention or establishing your goal, trying something, learning from it, trying something else, learning from that, and so on. Coaching is a journey we go on together to get you where you want to be. 

Coaching lets me use my innate and acquired skills in service of you, my client, and the life you imagine for yourself. 

More random tidbits about me:

  • I provide free coaching through The Humanitarian Coaching Network to people working in humanitarian fields, like the United Nations. This work aligns with my values of equality, freedom and access to education for all people.

  • I worked as a children's educator/entertainer for three years. My job included performing stage shows about various scientific topics and handling and caring for large snakes including a boa constrictor and a python.

  • I was a television reporter for the CBC in Alberta, Canada. My favourite story was about what happens to all the, ahem, fecal matter produced at large livestock shows and events. It was a shitty story, but someone had to do it.

  • I love puns!

  • I won the Best Female Performance award at the provincial high school drama competition....way back when. I played a pregnant woman abandoned on the Prairies during the colonization of Western Canada.

  • I was a founding member of the Pile o'Bones Roller Derby League.

  • I have been IDDM (Type 1 diabetic) since I was six years old.

  • I lived on an 80-acre farm with my husband and daughter, our dog and cat, and lots of prairie wildlife, wind and wide open skies for 12 years.

  • My husband and I designed our super-insulated, energy-efficient, prairie farm house....then sold it a few years after it was built to relocate to an island!

  • I think cheese may be the single greatest invention of all time.

  • I wore rubber boots to my wedding. I collect rubber boots and take every opportunity to wear them, rain or shine. You can't help but smile when you're sporting galoshes!

  • I shaved off my long locks at my 38th birthday party to raise money for some charitable causes I support.

Credentials, Designations and Whatnot:



  • Trained in ORSC (Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching)

  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator

  • Alumna of the Sage Hill Writing Experience (one the the best writing retreats around!)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Communication (Distinction) - University of Regina

  • Bachelor of Arts, English (Distinction) - University of Regina

  • Certified Change Management Professional (Prosci/ADKAR methodology)

  • Certified Reflexologist (non-practicing)

  • Completed continuing education/designations and collected real-life experience in:

    • facilitation

    • project management

    • event planning and management

    • strategic planning

    • business planning and consulting

    • performance measurement

    • leadership

    • marketing

    • print and multimedia design

    • speech writing

    • creative writing

    • development and delivery of adult training modules

    • and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. Like brick-laying and tree grafting. Yup. Those things. I've got training and can do 'em too.

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